Christmas Post

Hi everyone! It’s me wishing you Happy Holidays! Whether you are celebrating Christmas or simply enjoying the break, I wish you a great time with your family and friends, ton of joy and health!

I am very grateful for each and everyone of you, this year has been so rewarding concerning books and my blog! It was a hard personal year, my family grew a lot smaller, but I’m not here to spread sadness. I just wanted to express my gratitude and gratefulness toward this blogger community!

And a little life update: I cut my finger while TRYING to cut bread with the cutting machine, so I’m having a very hard time typing this into my computer. All I am trying to say is: be careful when you cut bread, no seriously, I hope I will be able to post longer entries soon, but will try my best to always post new things and ideas!

Top 5 Magical Books

“Wingardium Leviosa” –  yes, this entry will involve Harry. This weekday meme “Top Five” is created by the awesome Blogger Bionic Book Worm whose  entries I LOVE and therefore it is time for another tuesday meme, today: Top Five Magical Books. Continue reading “Top 5 Magical Books”

Top Ten Longest Books I’ve ever read

I know this entry is actually called Top Ten Tuesday hosted  by That Artsy Reader Girl and I had the full intentions on posting it under that title on Tuesday but I got stuck in school work that I had to stop writing so I’m doing this meme as a normal blog entry instead!

I’m super excited for today’s theme which is: Longest Books I’ve ever read. And because I love long books – only if they amaze me, tho – I’m just going to write this entry instead of doing my homework. Continue reading “Top Ten Longest Books I’ve ever read”