First Impressions: Chain of Iron

I guess first impressions are a bit wide-fetched since I am 200 pages in and the story is already super developed. But since the book is 600 pages long, I guess I’ll write one anyways because I have MILLIONS of thoughts…

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Normal People – Review

After three weeks of complete silence, I have managed to show myself again. Online school started again, I only have my main courses and exams in school and that was such a stressful arrangement for me… So I didn’t have any time to read for three weeks up until Tuesday after finishing my last exam: and then I power-read Normal People by Sally Rooney in two days. Here are my thoughts!

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2020 Reading Wrap-Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope you all had the chance to celebrate with your loved ones, with or without lockdown. I spent my evening at a friend’s house and so that was great, but we went to bed waaaay to late and so all I’m doing today is watching How I Met Your Mother for the hundredth time and writing this post. Anyways: here’s my bookish year, favorites, disappointments, and everything else that happened on this blog!

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Non-fiction books that I must read in 2021 – Listed!

Not that I have been the perfect example of sticking to a TBR, I have had a list in my head and have been wanting to check these specific non-fiction books off my list for a while. I have been reading and enjoying more and more non-fiction books, especially political subjects, recently and just find them a great way to broaden my horizon and freshen up on a little knowledge 🙂 – so here’s a list of all the non-fiction must reads for me for the year to come!

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Happy Blog Birthday – 2 years!

I actually had a different post in mind for today (I’m rereading Six of Crows at the moment and wanted to write a First Impression), but OMG my baby is two years old, I can’t believe it!

Bildergebnis für happy second birthday"

These last two years have been the happiest of my life writing this blog. Creating posts, chatting and reading other blogs fills me with so much joy and it’s something I’m so passionate about that I’m really happy to have reached the 2 year mark!

To be honest, going back to the me 2 years ago on February 3rd, had I asked myself “Where do you see your blog in 2 years?”, I definitely would have answered “with more than 400 followers, a great community and regular blog entries”. I had no idea where my blog would lead, all I wanted was a safe space to talk about my current and all-time favorite books and I definitely didn’t expect this to develop into what it has become today.

What I am trying to say is that I am beyond thankful for every single one of you: for the ones who’ve been with me for two years who watched this blog grow, for the ones who’ve joined me on the way and for the ones who’ve just joined recently. I can’t believe people are actually reading what I have to say – this is something super magical and amazing and I can’t believe I have the opportunity to experience this.

Above everything else, I wish to thank my parents for a) financing this blog, I know I shouldn’t take that as given, but more than that for supporting my every choice, reading my posts and never doubting me!

My love goes out to everyone of you – to many more years of bookish fun!

Bye Hiatus, I’m back!

Just a little announcement, or me coming back and being active again! I haven’t been writing many blog posts lately and also haven’t read any great posts from any of my friends. The ones I’ve been posting were old ones that were prewritten as I didn’t have the energy to write new ones.

I also haven’t read a single book in 2020 (shame on me) because the past two weeks were super stressful. I had to study for multiple exams, had important presentations and were stressed every day. I didn’t have the energy to write anything after school and didn’t want to force myself when I was tired because I wanted to be my best for you guys when I wrote something. So I decided to take a small break from my blog and just focus on myself.

I did miss everything about it: the feeling of writing, of staying in touch with my friends and reading their posts, replying to comments and obviously reading.

But now I’m back, I’m ready and happy to start again and to only spread positive vibes! See you around – happy reading!

Let’s talk bookish: star ratings – are they fair or necessary?

It’s Friday again and today I will be discussing one of the most controversial book topics I have ever come across – is it really fair or necessary to rate books giving stars? Let’s talk bookish is a weekly meme hosted by  J.R. @ Eternity Books where each Friday, a bookish topic is discussed!

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