Top Ten Tuesday: books I loved with fewer than 2000 ratings

This will prove itself to be a very difficult post for me as a) it’s my mom’s birthday today (happy birthday mommy!!!) and b) I tend to go with the flow aka only reading popular books or hyped (or overhyped) books because I read most of my books based on the reviews of others. But I’ll give it a try anyways! About the meme: About this meme: Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, but is now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl!

#1 Finding Violet Park

This book by Jenny Valentine was an incredibly great book! The story is so completely crazy which makes the story so unique and funny and I wish it was more popular! It’s about a boy finding an urn in the back of the Taxi and then tracking down its history. Truly mind-blowing!

#2 Silverwing

This trilogy by Kenneth Opel was a book my dad found years ago which we read together. There are not many children’s books written about bats and this is sure to be the best! The story is incredibly complex (maybe a little too much to handle for a eight year old, I had to stop during the third book because it was too insane), the characters are great and the villain, the vampire bat, is truly horrifying.

#3 Black Blade

I literally had no clue that Jennifer Estep’s Black Blade series has so few ratings!!! For some reason I always believed it to be very popular, but no. It should be, tho. The story is something for every YA fantasy lover with magic, families ruling over a town as enemies and one intrigue leading to another…

#4 One dog and his boy

For every dog and middle grade lover, this book by Eva Ibbotson is a must read. I actually know Eva Ibbotson because of Jeanne Birdsall’s The Penderwicks, in which she is Jane’s favorite author. My parents therefore thought this must be an incredible author as Jeanne Birdsall mentions her: and she truly is. I read two of her books, but this is by far my favorite and sadly not the most popular.

#5 After Iris

Because this book was so popular amongst my friends, I thought it had to be more popular. Turns out it only has 927 ratings. Ups. Anyways, this YA contemporary book is perfect for anyone who loves following a family and the children growing up.

#6 Carrie’s War

This is actually a book I read for my fifth grade English class, but it was actually pretty good, me and my friends quote it until this day. It faces the tragic reality of many children being sent off to the country side to escape the bombs.

Ps: I’m sorry for the bad pic quality.

#7 North of Nowhere

What a beautiful cover, isn’t it? I had totally forgotten about this book, it was a present from my teacher because of my grades haha, but it was surprisingly good. Normally, the books from school don’t impress me too much, but this was a great exception.

These are all the books I can think of with less than 2000 ratings, I had some others in mind, but it turns out they’re more popular!!! I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day!

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