The Fault in Our Stars – Review

“The Fault in Our Stars” is probably the most famous book of 2012. The novel by John Green has changed the lives of many, describing the heartbreaking story of the 17 year old Hazel Grace, who is diagnosed with lung cancer.

It tells the final chapter of her life filled with cancer, sadness – and love. As she meets Augustus Waters in the “Cancer Kid Support Group” her life changes, and therefore also her view on death. Full of ambition, John Green tells the story of these two teenagers, their lives ruled by their diseases, who find a great friend and understander for their destiny in each other.

With humor, sadness and tragedy this books gives you a new perspective of illness by being able to explore it along with such a young woman sentenced to death. Being together, and being able to live and to love, changes their life.

As Augustus makes Hazels dream come true, they fly to Amsterdam together to meat Hazels favorite author. Together they learn, that things aren’t always as you want them to be, that people can turn out different and most importantly: that they both have the will to live…

The end of Hazel’s story was really emotional for me because you wouldn’t have expected this turnout.

This book is perfect for anyone, because it gives you perspective on death and life, on illness and the power of friendship.


PS: the movie is also worth watching!

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