Rereading Twilight – Review

I actually did it – I reread the first Twilight novel by Stephanie Meyer. But it wasn’t totally out of the blue: her new book, Midnight Sun, has been all over the news lately. I’ve read so many negative reviews claiming it to be super annoying, only describing Edward’s hunger and his desperate tries to keep his blood lust under control. Briefly said: I had no other book to read, saw Twilight on my shelf and made the desperate move to take it with me – and I wasn’t able to put it down, despite some very negative thoughts. Here is my wildly confusing, irrational and controversial review of rereading a series I always put in the “I read it when I was 12 and was the biggest fan but now it’s rubbish and I hate it” box.

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Top Ten Tuesday: questions I would ask my favorite authors

I’ve been super inconsistent in posting/checking in on my blog – very sorry for that. I’ve been working really hard on another presentation for school, have been reading Twilight (very guilty of that) and have been living at my aunt’s house for the past week and am having the time of my life alone at home while she’s working: taking hikes, going swimming, reading, working and eating! Anyways, let’s get on with all the questions I would die to ask all my favorite authors!

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Save You – Review

It’s been some time, I haven’t had any time to blog because I’m currently in Italy hiking with my family. This vacation, however, finally led to me finishing two books, so no hard feelings here. It’s taken me some time to get to the second book of Save Me, but now that I finished it, onto the third!

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Top Ten Tuesday: books I loved but never reviewed!

It’s been quite some time – I’m back. I’ve spent the last week in Vienna, but unfortunately had to work on a presentation for school which had me reading and writing all day long (unfortunately about Presidential Doctrines and not YA fiction!) – and so I haven’t had the desired time continue reading Rivers of London or to create some content for my blog. Well, I managed to take some time off today and so here we are: listing all the books I read and loved, but never reviewed!

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First Impressions: Rivers of London

Anyone whose been reading my blog for a while knows that I am an absolute freak when it comes to London. Favorite place on earth. And then you might wonder why it’s only after such a long time that I pick up this book, Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch even though it explores London in such depth. Well, I’ve only this year brought it over myself to move out of my YA safe space and to explore some more genres, like fantasy crime. Here are my first impressions!

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Walking through Vienna – and its bookshops!

I haven’t had the time to write a proper entry since I’ve been away for the past week! Me and my parents went hiking in Tyrol and now me and my dad are spending the next two weeks at my grandma’s house in Vienna: and today was our first full day full of adventures!

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Life and reading update, summer plans!

It’s been quite a while, I have had no time to write, post or read any real book over the past days, so I guess here we are: me lying in bed on the evening before my last school day and finally managing to write something as it’s my only free evening. What you’re in for: everything that’s going on in my life, what I’m reading/will read over summer, and my overall plans for August and the start of September (also in regard of my senior year)!

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Bookstores + Libraries I’d love to visit – Listed!

All I wanted to do this morning is go to a great, maybe cozy bookstore and just spend hours in there going through thousands of books and then maybe end up buying one. But since I’m home and have been at my local bookstore millions of times, I can’t do that. So what’s better than to write a Listed! post with all the amazing bookstores and libraries I want to visit, whether I’ve only heard of them or actually discovered them already!

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Let’s Talk Bookish: blog schedules!

I don’t know whether I am the right person to write about this topic – blog schedules – as I am not even capable of writing Let’s Talk Bookish on the actual discussion day, Friday. Nevertheless, who could turn down a fruitful discussion? Today I’ll talk about my usual blog schedule, whether I stick to it and then some pros and cons for me! And not to forget: the discussion is as always hosted by  Dani @Literary Lion and Rukky @Eternity Books!

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