August Wrap-Up and September TBR

Am I only one out here who is freaking out about the fact that the summer is already over and never before ended so abruptly? Anyways, here’s a small overview of everything I’ve posted/read/discussed the past month of August and what my reading (and general) plans are for September and therefore my junior year of high school!

August Wrap-Up:

To get myself in vacation mode (no, just kidding) – as a preparation for later life choices, I read Letters to a Law Student by Nicolas J. McBride. I have been thinking about studying Law for several years now and so my dad got me this orientation and guide book which turned out to be just what I needed to reassure and prepare myself. With chapters like Four reasons to study law and But is law the right subject for me it gives you great advice, some hard truths, explanations and a perfect introduction on what you might be facing each day should you choose to (accept – no just kidding, no Mission Impossible) to study law at university!

To get away from the YA genre for a bit, I chose to dig deeper into greek mythology and give Circe by Madeline Miller a shot. The book was super hyped the year it was released and I know of many bloggers who call this book their favorite of all times – I can’t really relate. I did give this book four stars, but more due to the phenomenal writing, atmosphere and the fact that I loved Circe as the protagonist. It won’t, however, land on my favorites list as it has no concrete story line – I had major problems with that fact. I need a plot line which accompanies the entire story to really enjoy a book which was far from the biography style of this book.

This is one of the few books I have not finished this year. A Visit from the Goon Squad wasn’t exactly bad – it just wasn’t as interesting and intriguing as all the other options I had right in front of me. I had problems with the fact that the protagonists were 35 and 45 years old and that even though there were whole chapters with flashbacks of their youth and other people’s earlier years, I just couldn’t connect. The great aspect, however, was that I didn’t mind the many POV’s – the chapters were more like observations from the characters’ point of view without any specific things happening – I actually enjoyed that system.

I told myself to wait for reading this book until I’d be at the beach myself – and it was totally worth it. The Unhoneymooners was far from being a literary masterpiece and the story itself wasn’t too spectacular nor something new – but it served its purpose: it was a funny, entertaining and light read for the beach. And it was great at being funny and entertaining: the story was cute, cheesy but cute and that was perfect. It was basically just what I wanted and therefore I didn’t have huge expectations. It was, however, surprisingly gripping and funny: the protagonists were awesome, I loved Olive and Ethan and the whole theme of going to Hawaii because everyone at the wedding had food poisoning!

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September TBR:

The first goal I have is to finish this great book Sapiens. I have one more week before school starts (tragically I have applied to a maths preparation camp for the last two years with all my friends – big mistake haha!) and so that’s my first idea for September!

This book was released three or four days ago (if I remember correctly!) and therefore it’s the perfect addition to the upcoming fall weather! Is somebody else also just a little happy that summer is over and is excited for boots and turtle neck sweaters?

Yes, I have decided to reread The Mortal Instruments – it’s a big risk. Hear me out: I read this series more than three years ago and I don’t want to ruin my high opinion on it. I fear that if I read this now – having read many many more fantastic books, also for adults – I will not be able to love it as much as I did when I was younger and read it as one of my first YA series.

That’s it – my small overview of August and September! I hope you enjoyed it and Happy reading and a great start into the new school/uni year to everyone!

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