First Impressions: A Darker Shade of Magic

I’m in a complicated state of mind right now and so I’m not a hundred percent sure if this post is such a great idea, but my thoughts are fresh and so I might as well go with it. Here are my first thoughts on Victoria Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic!

This is my first book by VE Schwab and I’m reading this because everyone has been talking about it and I can’t stand not being able to say something as well – no, seriously, the synopsis looked very intriguing and so I knew I had to read it at some point. However, my thoughts are not as transparent as they were for example when I read Six of Crows or If We Were Villains. I’m currently a little over 50 pages in and I don’t know if that’s too early to judge, but I just got to get these thoughts on paper – or the internet. Somewhere where they can’t get lost. Anyways.

To be honest, I like the book, it just didn’t start very fast. There are some books that start immediately where something important happens and here the story just slowly appears. So far, I’m not sure how the story will look like as I have absolutely no clue what the exact story line is. The synopsis at the back of the book only reveals the fantasy world and the protagonist, but not really the story and neither have the first fifty pages.

Ok, now I read the Goodreads synopsis and that definetely explains more than the back of the book. So far, none of the promised events have happened and that’s slightly disappointing. HOWEVER (and it’s a huge one, one that actually puts all my whining and disliking in the background), this is a trilogy and this book has almost 400 pages and so I’m willing to give it a chance. If this was a single book, I’d stop reading it but some series start slow and I respect that and don’t mind that much.

I’ll stop whining and start listing what I actually like about the book: I really like the magical system with the different Londons, that’s a really cool idea and it’s also displayed very logically and understandable. I’m also a fan of her writing which is always a huge plus point for books in my opinion, because not only the story matters. Last but not least, I also really like Kell and I’m really excited to discover more about his mysterious past…

All in all, it starts really slow, but I’m not going to let that stop me from continuing. Otherwise I’m really enjoying this book and I’m excited to return to reading!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

17 thoughts on “First Impressions: A Darker Shade of Magic”

  1. Awww sucks that this book has started off a bit slow. Hopefully as you get more into it you end up LOVING it. I haven’t read this yet, but I’m hoping to soon, so I’m excited to hear your thoughts when you do finish 😊

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  2. Hope you end up loving this one! I personally hate it when books have a slow start, it takes me ageeeees to get into the story so I never feel like picking it up 😅

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