WWW Wednesday

Another week has passed and we’re already heading towards the middle of July! I’ve had some time to catch up on my TBR list, so here’s my current reading situation!

#1 What are you currently reading?

I’m currently on page 200 of A Darker Shade of Magic and something is finally happening! I had a really difficult start reading this, even put it down after 60 pages because nothing was happening. On the weekend, I finally had the strength to start again, but only 50 pages ago, it started to get interesting. Kell and Lila finally met and now the book is developing great and I’m finally hooked. So, despite my crazy start, I am enjoying still book and I’m eager to know how it’s going to unfold!

#2 What was the last book you read?

My last read was a great mystery novel, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie. It proved itself to be far more complex than I anticipated and I was extremely hooked. The characters remained a sort of mystery until the very end, yet the motives were clear and I was conspiring from the start! I was so amazed that I’ve set myself the goal to read at least two more Agatha Christie novels this summer to broaden my horizon!

#3 What do you think you’ll read next?

I guess the most reasonable choice would be continuing V.E. Schwab’s series to see what’s going to await me next. However, I have not yet been able to buy the sequel and I’m not sure my local bookstore has it and even if they did, I’m currently at my aunt’s house on the country side and they don’t have as much to offer as the city’s store…

If purchasing the sequel shall prove itself impossible, I try to not overuse amazon prime if possible, I’ll continue my Harry Potter Rereading Marathon with Harry Potter and the Hlafblood Prince, as I already own the books!

That’s my current reading situation, I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great second half of the week!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

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    1. Oh, your comment just took major pressure off of me! Everyone seemed to LOVE this series and now I hear that some people had my exact thoughts! That’s a relief! It really started slow, but I’m really enjoying it now and hope you have a great time reading it when you get to it 😍


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