The Penderwicks – Review

I have mentioned Jeanne Birdsall’s Penderwicks in so many blog posts of mine that I am wondering if some of you have had enough of them already. That may be the case for some of you. However, this will never be the case for me as my devotion and love for Jeanne Birdsall’s novels goes back so many years that I couldn’t, cannot and won’t picture my life without this family. Just now, let me explain why I love the Penderwicks.  Continue reading “The Penderwicks – Review”

The Hate U Give – Review

I don’t know how to start. This book sadly is reality, but it is also so much more: an encouragement for oppressed people to stand up, to demonstrate they have a chance, for people to realize this world hasn’t found a resolution for racism and for young people to cherish life and opportunities. 

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The Penderwicks at last

If someone would ask me what has most influenced my early years (but I doubt anyone ever will), I’d say this family. I have been reading Jeanne Birdsall’s Penderwicks since I was five years old and they have had a major impact on my life. This is the reason why I was so enormously thrilled to finally see the fifth book in store!

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After Iris – The Gadsby Siblings – Review

A family full of love, tragedy, laughter and fun – sounds just like the Gadsby Family, Natasha Farrant created. Three years after the tragic death of her twin sister Iris, Bluebell Gadsby (13 years) is still filled with grief. With her parents always flying on business trips and her being invisible in school, not even her three siblings can help her get out of misery. However, it all begins to change with the appearance of her new neighbor Joss, who is in fact, not as bad as she thought he was.

This book tells the tragic story of a broken family with so many funny and loving side stories that you can’t help but fall in love with this book. Besides the heartbreaking story of the dead sister, this book also brings up the perks of being a teenager: bullying in school, fighting with your siblings and first love.

While Joss starts off with just being a great friend for Bluebell, she soon realizes she is falling in love with her three year older neighbor. But not only she seems to like the new boy in town, so does her 16 year old sister Flora.                                                                      After the death of Iris, Bluebell started to become invisible in class. She neither talked to anyone nor did she keep her old friendships up.

Without spoiling more, let me just say that this book is fantastic to read on a daily basis due to its simple but great writing and funny stories!


TOP 10 – Review

Have you ever made a list of the TOP 10 most hilarious/ funniest / most awkward moments of your life? This book counts down the TOP 10 moments of the friendship between the two high school graduates Ryan and Gabby.

Ryan and Gabby are completely, one hundred percent different: Ryan is a popular hockey player who has had NUMEROUS girlfriend which never lasted longer than a week. Gabby however is struggling with anxiety and fear. She is afraid of anything involving parties, attention or conversation with strangers. Two completely different characters and the story of a great friendship is told by Katie Cotugno.

The interesting part about this book is the order it is told in. It is not told from beginning to the end nor from the end to the beginning but separated by the importance of their friendship. Therefore there are moments where you can’t be certain you understood the meaning – but you’ll find out in the next sequel.

Katie Cotugno writes with such a passion and simplicity which not many authors are capable of. She makes her characters come to life and makes you love them. This book is perfect for a short trip or a couple of relaxed days by the pool because it can be read any time and everywhere!

I can not longer write about this book without spoiling important facts: just go read it yourself!


Why I am obsessed with John Green

Fair question, but actually not. Probably everyone who has at least read one of his books has seen the high value of his writing, the reflection of his stories and the humor his characters have. So far I have read three books he has written (The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns and Turtles all the way down) and I am deeply impressed by his writing skills. Continue reading “Why I am obsessed with John Green”

Paper Towns – Review

“Paper Towns” by John Green is the third book I’ve read by John Green so far and he hasn’t let me down. This book tells the story of a high school Senior Quentin who has always loved this girl Margo, but had never really talked to her – except when they found a dead guy in a park at the age of nine.

Now being the last month before graduation, Margo slips through his window one night, asking him to goy on a revenge tour. That night the two teenagers make up for all the bad things people have ever done to them and Quentin finally feels like he knows Margo. But does he really? Because the next day, she isn’t turning up at school. To be honest, Margo has always been wild – she left the city several times without telling her parents for over a week and has never been afraid to break into houses.

But Quentin can’t just unsee the fact that he feels like she wants to find him, so together with his friends Ben and Radar he picks up trails to solve the mystery about Margo and to reveal her true self.

In my opinion, this book is really filled with a lot of fantasy, imagination and humor. The characters are well thought of and resemble different personalities and qualities. The search for Margo is addicting to read because you can never be quite sure that you have found the right Margo because of the many different Margo’s revealed along side the journey of finding her. It is amazing to be able to see inside the head of a person you didn’t get to know and to see what Margo’s world is made of.

Quentin is a lovely character because he resembles the kind of person who would go through hell for you and who does not quit after everybody else has given up on you.

Although the end is not as fascinating as I imagined it, this book is really worth reading.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you have any interest in still reading the book because it would spoil you the whole search!!! The thing being that Margo left Orlando because she couldn’t take it any longer and wanted to travel is a little lame in my opinion. For quite a while you think that Margo would turn up dead and that could have been played with  – a suicide trip or something like that. Another while I thought of Margo as a bitch (sorry for using swear words but this is the only way I can describe her right now) because she made Quentin worry for over a month, without a letter and then when they finally find her she doesn’t even react appropriately. I know that gets sorted out but I kind of found the ending disappointing.

So, even with the end a little disappointing, this book is really amazing to read, you get stuck up in the journey and wonder yourself: Who and Where is the REAL Margo?