99 Days – Review

What can I say? Loving it but hating how much it has affected me. I loved it and I felt with Molly and I loved Patrick and I hated Patrick. Katie Cotugno somehow always makes me fall in love with her characters and she hasn’t let me down so far, not after loving Top 10.

This novel, 99 Days is about the teenage girl Molly after her Highschool graduation who had escaped her hometown because she cheated on her highschool sweetheart Patrick with his brother Gabe. Now she’s back in town and has exactly 99 Days to make up for her mistakes, to deal with the hatred of everyone and to deal with her mom – who wrote a bestselling novel about her mistake….

The whole book was Molly trying to figure her life out – if she and Patrick could still be friends, why Gabe is doing what he’s doing and how her summer will turn out to be in the town where everything started – and where everything will come to an end.

Throughout the book, Molly develops feeling for both the brothers but I’ve always felt the author liked Gabe more as the second novel features him and their future. I’ve never liked Gabe as I’ve always liked the way Patrick’s and Molly’s relationship started and how many memories they shared together. I’m not going to talk about the relationships any further as it would spoil the book in the most DRASTIC way.

I really liked the way Katie Cotugno brought this book to life, with exactly 99 chapters, each featuring one day of the summer. What I really enjoyed were the different lengths of the chapters as some turned out to be a couple of pages while others only contain a few words.

All in all, I’m not a huge fan of this ending – SPOILER ALERT, don’t read this paragraph if you have any intention of reading the book! At the end, Molly goes to her chosen university in Boston, not being on good terms with Patrick who hated her at the end but mysteriously tells her he’ll miss her . What’s that supposed to mean? I really would have enjoyed the book better if they had a chance of being on good terms at the end as the book always hinted at this particular end – but I guess that’s not how life works… In fact, I’m not a fan of Gabe’s as I never somehow liked his presence or the thought of him with Molly. The fact that their whole relationship was based on a challenge between Patrick and Gabe – who would turn out to be Molly’s boyfriend at the end – kind of make me hate him even more, but it didn’t help Patrick either as it shows their value of character.


All in all, this book is a book I literally swallowed and read in two days because of its amazing page turner effect!!!!

Sitting on the train the hour after I finished this book which I have no clear opinion of, I can’t stop thinking about it, the choices the people have made and if i would have made the same, so: I guess this book must have been good, even though I didn’t like the ending. It has affected me and after all, that’s the sign of a good book isn’t it?


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