June Wrap-Up and July TBR

You can’t image the joy that is overcoming me right this second:I wrote my last exam today and now I’m finally done!!! The summer can finally start, and so can the month of July! Here’s an overview of my blogging activities in June and my goals for July!

June Wrap-Up

I am terribly displeased with myself and the fact that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix occupied most of this month. I just had so much going on and this book is HUGE – but it was so worth it. I was finally able to appreciate the long descriptions and daily-life situations, now reading again after so many years. This book completely transported me to Hogwarts and the Wizarding World and it was the perfect place to escape this SCHOOL FILLED MONTH.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was my most recent read (review to come!) and I found myself enjoying it even more than the fifth. The whole atmosphere is so special and has a different vibe due to the Triwizard Tournament and that was a pleasant surprise. Plus, for some reason I had major memory issues concerning this book and so some scenes were new to me and I was so happy I could enjoy them as much as the first time around!

Another book that keeps occupying my thoughts is this great gift my dad got me: Letters to a Law Student – a guide to studying law at university. I haven’t actually read the whole book (that’s my job during the summer vacation), but I’ve read bits here and there and it’s safe to say that this is super incredible and I am more than happy that my dad found this somewhere! More about this book soon!

Other Posts:

Bookish Q&A with Alysha @alyshabookblogs – what a fun post! We are going to create a collab soon and thought we’d get to know each other first – so here are 10 bookish questions Alysha asked me+ answers!

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July TBR:

I am very eager to start my first Agatha Cristie book after my Harry Potter Rereading Marathon! My dad surprised me with his favorite work of hers, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas and I am super excited to dive into that mystery! I’ve previously had some problems with the genre mystery as I always loved the story but then the ending was an utter disappointment – but I’m sure the Queen of Mystery won’t fall into that category!

I read and loved Throne of Glass, but now it’s time to continue with Crown of Midnight, which will be the second item on my bucket list. I was completely drawn to every aspect of the book and believe to have found a possible new favorite fantasy series – if I get my act together and continue. I was in a reading slump…

If you’re interested in further July TBR books, here’s my complete list featured in my last Top Ten Tuesday post!

That was it; I’ll enjoy the rest of my day in bed reading, have a great July!

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