The “Totally Should Have” Book Tag

Ten “Totally Should Have” segments all involving books!

#1 Totally should have gotten a sequel 

Is this pathetic or does anyone else wish that there were a sequel to Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom ? I would absolutely love to experience what Nina is doing in Rafva, if Inej is really hunting slaves – and if Kaz is with her, what I really hope – , what Wylan and Jesper are doing and if Nina will ever love again.


#2 Totally should have gotten a Spin – Off series 


Maybe this is crazy, but what about a Harry Potter Spin – Off Series in DRACO’S POINT OF VIEW. I’ve always liked Draco and I think many would like to know the whole story from his point of view: the conversations about Harry with his parents, the encounters with Voldemort, his feelings towards Harry and Voldemort and his feelings towards Hogwarts. I think that could make a pretty interesting book…


#3 An author that totally should write more books

That’s easy. Jeanne Birdsall. I am fascinated by the way she makes words come alive while using the simplest form of writing. Reading The Penderwicks, I used to be amazed that she would only use the word “to say” and nevertheless create a world so magical no other word was needed.


#4 A character that totally should have ended up with someone else 


While I actually enjoyed reading Katie Cotugno’s 99 Days, I never liked the boy Molly ended up with. I never liked Gabe and even though she isn’t in a relationship with him at the end, the sequel talks about their second try at being a couple. I always thought she should have ended up with Patrick. 😦


#5 A book that totally should have ended differently 


Although I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I didn’t like the ending of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Why didn’t they just stop Voldemort from killing Harry’s parents, they had the chance to?! For me, this possible ending doesn’t mean that Harry, Ron and Hermione would meet at Hogwarts and become friends, as a friend explained to me as I stated my theory. This would have prevented the deaths of thousands, including of course Harry’s parents, Dumbledore, Snape, Fred, Remus Lupin and Tonks and Dobby.


#6 A book that totally  should have had only one point of view

Any book that was ever written from multiple point of views??? I absolutely dislike multiple POVs because I often only want to hear the story from the protagonist who is the most interesting person while other characters don’t interest me. The only exception to this is Victoria Aveyard’s WAR STORM and Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows where I liked all of the characters.


#7 A book that totally have a movie franchise 


This just popped into my head, but what about Kiera Cass’s Selection Series? With its beautiful location and the gorgeous dresses it would make a real life princess movie, wouldn’t it?!


#8 A book that totally should have a cover change 

The City of Bones Series by Cassandra Clare covers are awful. I love this series but hadn’t I read the first book as an ebook without looking at the cover closely, I probably wouldn’t have read the series. And, does anyone think that the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard does just a bit look cruel and deterrent?!


#9 A book that totally should have kept the original cover 

I’m not sure actually. But the sad thing is, that often the hardcovers are soooo beautiful and the paperbacks look just awful, but you can’t always buy book for 20 dollars and so you have to buy the hideous book instead of the pretty one.


#10 A series that should have stopped after one book

As already mentioned, I enjoyed reading 99 Days by Katie Cotugno but didn’t enjoy the end and so I believe she shouldn’t have written a sequel.


That’s everything for the Totally Should Have Book Tag, I hope you enjoyed it!

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