Top Five Tuesday

I’m back with my Weekday Memes – it’s been a long, stressful time – and since it’s Tuesday, it’s time for another Top Five Tuesday post with the category Top Five Fantasy hosted by the awesome blogger A Bionic Bookworm – go check her out, I love her book tags!!!

#1 Favorite Fantasy Novel


Was I that obvious?

#2 Favorite Fantasy Novel

Second place was a hard choice, but I guess I just love all of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter novels. However, I would say that I have a clear order of preference concerning them. My favorite and first series I read was The Dark Artifices because it was the deepest, didn’t just have the struggle between good and bad but has deeper aspects. My second favorite was The Mortal Instruments series because I loved Clary and Jay and their struggle with their father. My least favorite series was The Infernal Devices series because at first, it was really interesting but I got bored during book two.

#3 Favorite Fantasy Novel


The RED QUEEN series. What can I say? I love this series. I love Mare, I love Cal, I love-hate Maven, I love General Farley, I love Norta, I love the rebellion and I love Victoria Aveyard’s writing.

#4 Six of Crows

They deserve better than my fourth place. They deserve best, but I have only known these two books for so little time that I couldn’t just put them over my long year relationships. But they deserve best.

#5 Favorite Fantasy Novel


Although only Jennifer Estep’s Black Blade series is shown here, I want to make sure that I love her Mythos Academy series as well. I put this series last because I read it several years ago and I’m not entirely sure it’s on the same level as Red Queen and Six of Crows – it’s probably not. Anyways, I really enjoyed this series because of the family rivals and the ground idea of magic. It’s a series I can really recommend.


Those are my five favorite fantasy novels, I hope you enjoyed it, have a great day!


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5 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday”

  1. Oh fantastic choices! I absolutely agree with Harry Potter and Six of Crows. I felt a little sad that I didn’t add Six of Crows to my list this week, but there was just too many books to talk about and not enough time or space lol
    Thanks for participating – added you to the list 🙂


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