Rereading Eclipse – Review

First off: senior year has hit me hard, there’s no excuse and so I have had zero time to write anything because I’d rather write few structured posts rather than many sloppy ones. Secondly, I’ve finished rereading Eclipse, the third Twilight book and it’s fair to say I have some thoughts. So here is my *sloppy* review with some unstructured very intuitively written-down sentences.

Eclipse (Twilight Saga Book 3) (English Edition) eBook: Meyer, Stephenie: Kindle-Shop

I have some very strong opinions and I will just leave them here for everyone to comment on them and maybe proof me wrong or in general, question my reasoning.

#1 Bella is the most selfish person ever

Sometimes I don’t understand how her brain works: she refuses to let Edward go and fight that one drastic battle because she fears losing him again, a feeling she describes as the end of her world. She is willing to let his family fight a battle that she practically caused, an army that is coming to Phoenix in search for her, but she is too selfish to let her boyfriend help his family survive. What? And then he just lets her boss him around?!

#2 Bella realizes she loves Jacob after the kiss

The kiss where she at first doesn’t kiss back, something she didn’t want to do, and then suddenly her feelings change and she realizes she likes him?! Something she has criticized him for saying all the many months?! What? Why that sudden change of heart, and why would he not go and fight after a kiss. Sometimes I just don’t understand these three.

#3 Bella sees no-one else but Edward

I get that she is irrevocably and undeniably in love with him, we all get that, but why do you desperately want to become a vampire without aging one or two years and not spend them studying somewhere, having a good time and also seeing your parents? What is the big difference between 17, 19 or even 22? And why does not seeing your parents for a very (indefinite) long time not bother you at all? You have to spend eternity together, why not add a few years spending them with your parents?

Other than me ranting and ranting (also applicable: all the critical points I talked about when reviewing the first book), I actually really liked this one: I loved the many many plot lines with Jacob, the party, the engagement and everything else. This is probably my favorite book of the series – considering that when I first read Twilight I read this one nine times IN A ROW – and honestly, I can’t really express why, using words.

Rereading the two books has been magical: normally, when I lay down a book for more than two or three days because I have no time to read, I have no desire to pick them up again (unless I’m absolutely hooked), but these books have been so gripping, I was not able to put them down once I started again. Incredible feeling, but I can’t explain this phenomenon other than me being transported back to simpler times in my life when I first read them as a young teenager.

And now, I’m super sad this era is over because I did not finish the fourth book because of ONE MAYOR ISSUE: I absolute hate that they marry. I think that it’s a) over rushed and b) too extreme for a YA book young teenagers read. I don’t think that anyone here in a relationship can relate to this scenario of obsessive love and I certainly can’t – and therefore it never interested me. Plus, I can’t see them as parents: I feel like the books took a super extreme turn from normal romance in ya to being married and having kids and that in such a short period of time. So: end of the Twilight rereading era for me. Sad, but I’m happy I did it!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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