Turtles all the way down – Review

The new bestseller novel “Turtles all the way down” by John Green deeply impressed me. After the long pause from “The Fault in Our Stars” he has really set off his career by writing a novel, almost better than the touching story of Hazel Graze.

His new novel is telling the story of the 17 year old Aza Holmes, who is together with her best friend, searching for the fugitive billionaire because of the 100 thousand dollar reward, while the book actually struggles with Aza herself.

Being “terrorized by thoughts forced to think”, Aza struggles with anxiety and self dought. She is trying to find herself, but is there really a your self, if you are made up by millions and billions of cells? And if these cells make up yourself, do you actually control your thoughts or do your cells do and are you only the result of circumstances? Finding her self obligated to live with the “demon” inside of her that is making her unable to live a normal life, she is trying to be a good friend, daughter and detective.

You really fall in love with the character of Aza because she can’t live her life without overthinking everything, making you overthink it yourself. This book just makes you realize the circumstances we all life by and the treasure of thoughts only being thoughts and not carried out actions. While Aza is trying to escape her condition, you have to think about how it feels living her life. Being obligated to overthink everything, not being able to touch things because you might get sick and not being able to take your medicine for being yourself – but if you take the medicine wouldn’t it change you and therefore make you a result of the medicine?

It is crazy to live the life Aza is living and that’s what is turning this novel into deep thoughts, making it interesting and absolutely irresistible. The new novel by John Green is a page turner and therefore a MUST READ!

turtles all the way down

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