Chain of Gold – Spoiler Review

Chain of Gold left such an impression on me and impacted me more than I thought. I have the urge to talk more about the book, to go into detail and so here is my SPOILER review. Please, if you haven’t read the book and consider to do so, read my other review (click here).

To start of, let me just clarify that this won’t be a sorted, well-structured review. It will just be me sitting on my couch typing everything that comes to my mind concerning this book.

#1 Does Grace have some sort of powers?

I really didn’t understand the ending – there was a hint (or maybe it was said and I kind of missed out on that) that James was in love with Grace because she had some kind of “spell” or “influence” over him. And then after she tested him whether he’d marry her or not, he was left with absolutely no feelings despite confusion for his feelings for Cordelia. And then when she came to him after the fight with his grandfather, he was suddenly all swooney and promised her to do everything and then suddenly had feelings again? I really don’t understand, she was such a toxic person, he’s way too good-hearted to be around her and Cordelia and him are just the perfect fit.

#2 James and Cordelia

I totally, 100%, ship them. And despite James telling her he doesn’t love her, I think he really does. Throughout the whole book, whenever it was his POV, there were signs that he felt sometime for her and then he just tells her he doesn’t love her? Like what?!

#3 Matthew’s dark secret

He murdered someone?! I kind of suspected there to be something dark and as a joke thought to myself I bet he murdered someone and then he actually did? I’m not sure how exactly I feel about this plot development, at some point I just feel like it’s unnecessary and random for him to have such a dark secret. I mean, yes, he has a drinking problem, but why incorporate a murder of a yet-still unknown person?

#4 James, Cordelia and Matthew – a possible love triangle?

During the book and then especially when Matthew was talking to Magnus Bane at the engagement party, there were quite a few hints about Matthew crushing on Cordelia and I’m not here for a love triangle. I really ship Cordelia and James and Matthew also hinted at having feelings for Lucie – #5.

#5 Matthew and Lucie

I really want them to become an item. It’s understandable that Lucie considers the Merry Thieves to be brothers, but they would be too cute to be true. And much better than Matthew and Cordelia.

#6 Thomas and Alastair

At first, I thought it was pretty random, but I can really see something evolving here. They’re super cute, how Thomas was held back by Alastair and then felt his touch on his arm and how Alastair helped Thomas brew the antidote.

I’ll stop here – I started writing down the feelings I had immediately after finishing the book but was called to dinner and now I don’t remember the other really important things I needed to rant about, I only know there were like three more points. Frustrating. But I covered the most important ones.

So, what do you think about my points, please answer if you know more about number one, I really think I missed something there. Feel free to comment! Happy reading!

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