2nd Impression: Chain of Gold

Wow, I’ve never posted a second impression, but this book is HUGE and so I wanted to share my thoughts again, for those of you debating whether to read it, in order to explain how I feel about the development!

I’ve had a positive attitude towards this book from the beginning: I was intrigued and I was super hyped to be back into the Shadowhunters world. However, I had some doubts during the first chapters and that had to do with the plot. You see, Cassie Clare already wrote three astonishing series in the Shadowhunters world and therefore I wondered whether this would make up a total new story line full of new and creative and wow ideas. Because, to be fair, at first I wasn’t so sure. It didn’t have the WOW effect at the start, I mean it was good, just not groundbreaking. (Click here for my first impression!)

However, the story evolves in a fantastic way: there are new twists and turns, complications to be overcome and several new aspects we haven’t dealt with in this universe! I am currently about 350 pages in and the story keeps up the pace, it’s complex and full of suspense and I couldn’t be happier.

The second doubt I’m super happy to clear up is my original feeling towards the characters: I wasn’t sure whether they’d prove to be so wonderful, deep and mysterious as her other protagonists because they seemed quite ordinary at first, having ordinary problems and so on. And there were so many new characters introduced, all related somehow and that was just too confusing for my brain.

Fortunately, I am happy to say that Matthew, James, Lucie and Cordelia stole my heart! They are so different, complex and well-considered characters with different personalities, troubles and backgrounds. Again, Cassie doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the various relationships that I definitely feel coming at some point or the other… Secondly, I mean sometimes I am still confused because I’m like wait, how are they related again?, but it’s mentioned quite often throughout the book and so I’m not having as many troubles as before.

So, for all of you having doubts whether to start or whether to continue after 50 pages in, let me assure you: it gets AWESOME, prepare to be just as blown away as by her other series and let the characters steal your heart!

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