Let’s Talk Bookish: what makes an engaging blog post?

Happy Valentine’s Day – in fact, I hate this day. There shouldn’t be a special day to show the love for someone, show them you love them every day of the year. And for me it’s Galentine’s Day so that might be a contributing factor. Anyways, let me quickly excuse my absence: I had THREE huge presentation this week, it was my aunt’s bday and everything was hectic and so I haven’t even glimpsed at my blog the past week, or written anything. I am back, however, because the only thing on my list is finishing (thank god) 1984 and catch up on some homework. And so I’m even more excited to have great topic today: I’ll try and answer the question what makes an engaging blog post. Let’s Talk Bookish is, as always, hosted by Rukky  @Eternitybooks!

#1 Writing that comes from the heart

There is nothing more disappointing than realizing the person isn’t really convinced of what she/he’s writing. I will like almost every post (also if it’s not my opinion) if I notice that you poured your heart into this, thought about what you’re trying to get across and are motivated to write. That is the most important thing, not trying to convince everyone, but writing what comes from the heart and you’ll find other people enjoying your post.

#2 An intriguing title

I am certainly not the expert in this, my titles are basic. But I am so much more intrigued to look at a post when the title is catchy, funny or thought-provoking. The first thing you read should be great and attracting attention.

#3 Creative design, pics and statistics!

I love images or creativity. Insert a GIF, a meme, a book cover or any sort of statistic. Something for the eye is always awesome, I love aesthetically pleasing posts rather than a simple text. The text can be AWESOME, FANTASTIC, but for me, it will be 100 times better if I have anything to look at and visualize the written point!

That’s it – what do you think makes an engaging post, feel free to comment! I’m wishing everyone a great weekend and happy reading!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

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