WWW Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and therefore my last option to post anything for the next couple of days as I’m leaving for Italy tomorrow – yay! And since this is a very fun yet not too time occupying post, I’ll do a WWW Wednesday!

#1 What are you currently reading?

Surprise! I’m rereading Six of Crows!!! After King of Scars I felt the need to experience my all time favorite book again and no surprise – I’m still in love. With Kaz and Inej. Nina and Matthias. Wylan and Jesper. Ketterdam and the Ice Court. Everything is incredibly fantastic and I’m so childishly happy to be reading this again!

#2 What did you currently finish reading?

I finished Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl yesterday and I’m a big fan. I’m normally not that fond of contemporary but this book had a really great plot, amazing characters and I really enjoyed the writing!

#3 What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ll probably read Sarah Raasch’s Snow like Ashes next as I was about to pick that up, but then went for Kaz Brekker. Anyways, I’ve heard really great things about it and can’t wait to read it and see if it lives up to my expectations!

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I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

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