Top Five Tuesday – Weekday Memes

hp-640x270For today’s post of Top Five Tuesday, I decided it’s time for this blog to write more about Harry Potter due to the fact that I haven’t been writing about one of my favorite series of all time lately and thought this should change. So here are my Top Five Saddest Deaths in the Harry Potter Series!

#1 Saddest Death: Severus Snape

professor-snape-schuetzt-hermine-ron-und-harryMost people would probably go with someone else but I cried the hardest when Snape died. The ending OMG. I was already in tears when Harry saw the scenes of Severus and Lily as children but I was crying my eyes out when Dumbledore asked After all this time? and Snape replied Always *favorite moment in the whole series* . My little primary school self couldn’t handle the fact that Severus took care of Harry all this time and hated his father because Lily was his soulmate ( and what is more a proof of true love than having Lily’s patronus?!) and so, until this very day, Severus Snape is my personally most bemoaned death.

#2 Saddest Death: Dobby

Bild Dobby BlogAfter Severus Snape’s death, who could possibly come next aside from Dobby? He sacrificed his life for Harry, he had a generous big heart and he had to go through so much in his life – who would want to be Lucius Malfoy’s house elf? And what can prove the goodness of your soul more than his last words? “Such a beautiful place to be with friends.” 



#3 Saddest Death: Sirius Black

s-l300Some people might be wondering where Albus Dumbledore will end up on my list, but I think these deaths are of greater importance, Sirius Black included. He was Harry’s safe place after his parents’ death and many people would have given up when another father figure would die. Sirius Black is to me the most valuable literary godfather of all times because of the love he shares for Harry and their devoted relationship. I don’t think I have to explain myself further, I LOVE SIRIUS BLACK.


#4 Saddest Death: Fred Weasley

fullsizeoutput_2426Some people might have even stopped reading by now because it’s already number four and it’s still not Dumbledore (spoiler so you can just stop if you’re here for him: he won’t be number five either) but I believe Fred Weasley’s death wasn’t necessary. I get it, JK Rowling had to let some people go, but why Fred? Why not Percy or Bill? I guess Fred was important enough that people cared but wasn’t everybody’s focus.

I loved the Weasley twins, who wouldn’t want to have Fred and George as brothers? They made me laugh so much during reading and watching, all in all, they are for sure the most hilarious people in the whole wizarding world.

#5 Saddest Death: Hedwig

71bc3d3661dda399e9d2065630ede0efWhat can you say about her? She was there from the beginning but she couldn’t be there for the end. I think everyone loves Hedwig enough to understand why she is on my list: her death meant the end of Harry’s childhood and a small part of me died as well that day.

Earlier today, I read a fan theory why Hedwig had to die and to be honest, it’s BREATHTAKING: With Hedwig being absolutely loyal to Harry and loving him with all her heart, she stayed with him during the flight to Ron’s house. Realizing that Hedwig would reveal the real Harry, SNAPE kills her to save Harry! Breathtaking, isn’t it?



Those are all of my saddest deaths in Harry Potter, I’m sorry for not including Dumbledore (he’s my number six but I still love him), I hope you have a great day!


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