Rocketman – Mini Review

I finally made it and watched Rocketman on Prime! I’ve waited soooo long to watch this – I love musicals, I love Elton John and I love the actors. So here are my thoughts on Rocketman!

Rocketman (2019) Original U.S. One-Sheet Advance Style Movie ...

I had super high expectations, for some reason: I loved the actors, the trailer looked amazing and I just had the feeling that this would be the movie of THE year. And I guess that my expectations kind of got in the way of me being absolutely thrilled about this movie. Because yes, it was a great movie, but it was not AWESOME. It basically told the story of Elton John from the age of about ten to becoming a multimillionaire and super famous. Most of all, it dealt with his drug and alcohol addiction and him not being able to handle fame as well as being gay in a very prejudice environment/family.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

First of all the plot: it was super interesting, but not the most gripping story line – understandable, it was a retelling of his life. And boy, he did not have a great childhood. His father was super distant, not caring and loving and while his mother seemed sweet at first, she didn’t approve of his sexual orientation…

I really loved the musical aspect of this movie: so many of his iconic songs, all fitted to his life and the current stage of fame and all his relationships and feelings. The colors were amazing, musical style, and the pictures in general were fabulous, kind of like LaLaLand…

The actors were fabulous as well: Taron Egerton (Kingsman) has a FANTASTIC voice, you will love-hate Richard Madden (and even though he was an ass here, I couldn’t help but love him because of GoT and Bodyguard hehe) and then we have Madame Pomfrey aka Brigdet Jones’ mother who plays his grandma…

So, all in all, great movie – not the most gripping plot – but awesome actors, great music and picture! Would 100% recommend!

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