The Harry Potter Film Binge Quiz + tag along!

I recently did the Rather Difficult Harry Potter Quiz and I really enjoyed doing it as well as writing the post, so here’s another one! You can tag along here, I’ll always post the question and then you can scroll down a little to get the answer, or do the complete quiz here. Let’s go and see if watching the movies for at least 20 times each payed off!

My answer: Chris Columbus

Correct answer: Chris Columbus

Score: 1/20 questions – that was easy, let’s see how that continues…

My answer: “I should have known that you would be here…”

Correct answer: “I should have known that you would be here…”

Score: 2/20 questions – it took some remembering, but it was manageable!

My answer: “People will think you’re {PAUSE} up to something.”

Correct answer: “People will think you’re {PAUSE} up to something.”

Score: 3/2o questions – it needed some Snape imitation, but yay!

My answer: Black

Correct answer: Grey

Score: 3/20 questions – wow, I was super sure, but apparently not right haha!

My answer: Hermione

Correct answer: Hermione

Score: 4/20 questions – that image is super fresh in my head haha!

My answer: Painting a portrait of himself

Correct answer: Painting a portrait of himself

Score: 5/20 questions – I cringed so hard at that, I’ll never forget that!

My answer: Lumos Maxima

Correct answer: Lumos Maxima

Score: 6/20 questions – I watched Prisoner of Azkaban two days ago, so that might be a tiny bit cheating!

My answer: Ian Brown The Stone Roses

Correct answer: Ian Brown of The Stone Roses

Score: 7/20 questions – lucky guess, I’ve never heard of that guy and just clicked randomly…

My answer: Jump from a tree

Correct answer: Jump from a tree

Score: 8/20 questions – I had that right because Robert Pattinson is super hot in this movie and I have watched it 10000 times because of him… what….

My answer: Sticking his tongue out

Correct answer: Sticking his tongue out

Score: 9/20 questions – if you aren’t freaked out by this move, then what?! When I first watched the movie at the age of like 12, I was PETRIFIED!

My answer: Purple

Correct answer: Purple

Score: 10/20 questions – wow, I was super close to choosing red, but I decided to go with purple spontaneously… lol how seriously I’m taking this, I was actually super happy I decided to go with purple hahaha!

My answer: Helena Bonham-Carter

Correct answer: Helena Bonham-Carter

Score: 11/20 questions – I love her, that was easy!

My answer: Millennium Bridge

Correct answer: Millennium Bridge

Score: 12/20 questions – as a London LOVER, I had to know that!

My answer: No relation at all – their names are just a coincidence.

Correct answer: His nephew

Score: 12/20 questions – I didn’t know that and it’s actually the cutest thing ever!!!

My answer: Willoughby, Wenby, Wallenby

Correct answer: Wenby and Wallenby

Score: 12/20 questions – that was hard! Especially because he calls Ron the funniest names in the book…

My answer: Into My Arms

Correct answer: O Children

Score: 12/20 questions – I don’t I’ve listened to any of these songs lol.

My answer: Emma Watson

Correct answer: Emma Watson

Score: 13/20 questions – I loved that scene and the animated feature of the story!

My answer: Yellow

Correct answer: Blue

Score: 13/20 questions – I really didn’t pay attention to dress color haha!

My answer: Lavender Brown

Correct answer: Luna Lovegood

Score: 13/20 questions – ups, I don’t even remember the sentence being said.

My answer: Ready

Correct answer: Ready

Score: 14/20 questions – I remember this emotional scene!!!

14 out of 20 – 70% sounds better, do you know what I mean? Overall, I’m super happy, I wouldn’t have guessed I remember this much! How many did you get right? Happy reading!

Author: Blogger Books

I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy, I love scones and tea time, I don't like horror movies and obviously I'm a huge book nerd.

7 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Film Binge Quiz + tag along!”

  1. I got only 10/20 – it was pretty hard, I thought and some of the questions – so inconsequential, I don’t want to sound like details do not matter, but really. I was pretty sure that Slughorn says Willoughby to Ron at some point, though it was not a correct answer. Very strange.

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      1. Ah. Now I think I understand. I am pretty sure that Slughorn called Ron something like “Willoughby” in the BOOK – but it may not be so in the FILM. I am sure we are not too mistaken either way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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