October Wrap-Up

This year will be over way too fast – it was summer only seconds ago and New Years only feels like a couple of months ago. Not ten. Anyways, on the brink of Winter, here’s last month’s reading situation!

October Wrap-Up

I can’t even talk about this book without being embarrassed – I stopped reading when I had 70 pages left. And even though I have a very good reason (the book beneath), it’s still no excuse not to finish this brilliant book. The Night Circus is by far one of the most magical books with the most phenomenal writing and whimsical atmosphere I have ever read and it really didn’t deserve to be ghosted like that. I will have to continue one stress-free day, sit down for one hour and just finish this book so I can finally experience the ending for myself rather than reading other people’s reviews and hearing how much they loved it!

Stalking Jack the Ripper was my only Halloween-inspired read this year, but I couldn’t have chosen any better book! I have never been the biggest mystery reader, but this story was so exceptionally good, the characters were dear to me and the atmosphere with cold, rainy London and forensic medicine was the best possible addition!

I really have to continue reading this series as YA mystery is normally not a category I especially enjoy, but as I’ve found this exceptional series, I shall continue!

To make this very clear (I don’t want any spoilers!), I haven’t yet finished reading this book, I’m currently in the middle! Ninth House started off being a 3.5 stars read for me, but after some time, I really enjoyed reading this book! The plot was a bit unfamiliar at first and while I understand that every story’s plot is unfamiliar at first, this one I had to adjust to especially. Not due to the fact that the story is in any way peculiar, but because of the new words which are society connected and also have to do with Yale…

Anyways, being currently about 200 pages in, I am getting quite attached to the story and will have to continue ASAP!

Dream a little dream or Silver as it is often called, was the series I binge-read throughout my short break from school. I read three 500 pages books in four days which is really a record for me (I get that it’s quite normal for other bookworms, but I’m not used to read that much hehe). Anyways, the reason I am writing this is because it shows how much I savored reading this series!

It’s a reread for me (I’ve actually read this series about five times) and as I’m normally not the biggest rereader, this shows how great this series was for me!

Dream on, the second novel by Kerstin Gier in this series, was even better than the first! I cannot stress this enough: but if you’ve had bad experience with Kerstin Gier after reading and maybe not enjoying Ruby Red as much (which is exactly how I felt after reading it again as a mature(er) person), do give this series a chance.

It is, for me, one of these precious series that you could just rant and rant about because you keep it so close to your heart!

That’s it – no November TBR as I’m planning on writing a whole post on two books I bought which I’m planning on reading soon! Happy reading and get ready for Christmas!

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