I just came across this funny abbreviation DNF – did not finish – and I decided it was time for a new blog post! So here a couple of books I started reading but DNF!

  1. “Divergent” by Veronica Roth

To be honest, I didn’t quiet love this series, although I watched the first movie. The movie was actually great so I decided to read the book series to it (I usually read the books first though). However, the books didn’t really impress me that much and I stopped the book after approximately thirty pages and started reading something else. A couple of months ago, I decided to watch the second movie of the series but to be honest, it bored me. I can’t really describe why the story didn’t blow me away because I loved Veronica Roth’s other novels – Carve the mark -, but I guess I just didn’t bond with this story than how I do with others…


2.  “The Penderwicks at last” by Jeanne Birdsall

The Penderwick sisters have accompanied me through my whole childhood, up until now. And therefore I was extremely excited when I saw the fifth novel of the series in store, after more then ten years, when I first started to get to know this family. Although the previous books (actually only the first three :)) are my favorite books in the world, I didn’t finish the fifth due to several reasons… I am only going to list two because I have already reviewed this book (the link is down below!).

It really upset me that Skye is not marrying Jeffrey because they were the cutest couple ever invented!! They were perfect  for each other and I have loved them both for as long as I can remember and therefore, when Jeanne Birdsall let Skye marry Dusek (like come on?!), my world collapsed!

I absolutely hated the fact that little Lydia was the leading role in this novel and not the original four Penderwicks because I couldn’t bond with her AT ALL!!!

Here’s the link to my review:



3. “Harry Potter and the cursed child” by JK Rowling

This book actually doesn’t count because I finished it after all! But I decided to list it up as  well because I laid it away for a couple of months before I gathered my strengths and finished it! Here’s the reason why:

First of all, why I stopped reading it: I wasn’t quiet blown away with the story tbh, because come on: they travel back in time to capture Voldemort’s bad daughter but didn’t come up with the idea to stop Voldemort from even killing Harry’s parents??? Why not? Sirius wouldn’t be dead, Remus wouldn’t be dead, Dumbledore wouldn’t be dead, Fred wouldn’t be dead and of course: Harry wouldn’t have been an orphan! And why does Voldemort even have a daughter, that’s so out of the blue – and with Belatrix? Meaning, Sirius would be the uncle! Ghhhh… How is it even possible that Belatrix is pregnant when she dies at the battle of Hogwarts??? I just don’t like this idea….

Second of all, why I continued to read it after all: I have always been a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and movies equally and could therefore never live with myself knowing I didn’t finish Harry’s last story – I know I’m dramatic.


4. “The Physician” by Noah Gordon

I watched the movie for a preparation of a presentation for school due to the upcoming plague and actually very much enjoyed it. Because of the movie, I started reading the book but stopped after 200 pages – just like my father – because the story wasn’t worth the attention. I don’t really  know why I liked the movie so much more than the book, but the book made a big deal about his childhood and youth with the doctor which was very boring for me. Turns out, some movies are better than the actual books, just like the DaVinci Code – but usually I stick to the belief, that the books are better or (in Harry Potter’s case) equal to the movies!


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